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Things are not always what they seem

When I model, many times I'm being hindered my mental blockage, caused by me creating aggregates that are not there. Or, to be more precise: people describe things as they were one when there are actually many entities they are discussing.

For example, one of the problems I'm working on now concerns cases (which is not odd since our core business is Case Management..) and my Product Owner said, "well, the applications works well with cases that are issues, but some cases are planned maintenance. So, we need that."

So, I started thinking. When I'm in that mood I'm something like doctor Baltazar from my childhood (you'll see what I mean if you watch about three minutes into the film). And thinking. And after many days and nights I suddenly realized that it wasn't the cases that were planned, the planning is actually connected to another entity in the domain. When I realized that, so many things fell into place. And now, when I look at it, it is is so simple and clear I can hardly believe I spent all that time on the problem.



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