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Reinstalling Visual Studio, without coffee

Having checked this day for manual testing and having a non testable client, I was free for some really important work today. Not having reinstalled my computer in ages, the problems with the machine became urgent a month ago and then I reinstalled the thing. But I didn't take the time to reinstall Visual Studio. But since we're moving bug handling, sprint backlog and manual tests to Team system I need the thing. So, this day is as good as any.

I started 0930 today and I'm still installing (well, actually I finished the task by 15.55 but the coffee break made this post a task that took a bit longer than expected). I need VS 2005 for developers and Testers, SP1 and the fix for Vista. And then I need the Team Explorer. But this is almost like a joke. Is it supposed to take a full day?

And this with the corporate coffee machine broken. At 14.30 we went out for coffee and now things look better. And now my VS is working. I hope that this is a good sign for us


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