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Mother Goose visits the scrum team, or vice versa...

One of my bigger problems is that I don't know when enough is enough. It gets really concrete whenever I invite people for lunch or dinner. Or in this case, a sprint start.

Inviting the guys for a sprint start at my home I realized it's soon the traditional Scanian (my husband's family is from Scania, in southern parts of Sweden) holiday when you eat goose. So, of course, the guys needed some goose and traditional goose blood soup, also called Black Soup. I ordered a goose for ten people and the corresponding soup from a good supplier and got cracking yesterday. Fixing with the stuffing, potato, linen, silver. You name it. And today I was up and started to fill the goose at about seven. I probably missed about half an hour of the sprint start, fixing with the food today.

You might say I spoil my developers, but I can't help it: if it's a planned dinner/lunch for more than four people and if there are no children involved, I tend to get out of control. My husband doesn't even react anymore. He was just happy that I saved some goose for him. But we're both grateful for the dishwasher, which has run six times today. Good food is silver, a dishwasher is gold.

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