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Uncontrolled chaos - working with a simple todo list

On Monday, I asked the guys if they wanted to do the estimation. Yes and no were the answers, and I decided not to push the issue. I want the guys to feel that the estimation is done for their sake so they know that they will finish on time. And the sprint start ended without an estimation. Well there is an estimation: we're going to do the functionality of a storyboard in two weeks. We did a todo list and prioritized everything on it.

So, the day before yesterday, everyone got cracking. At once we realized that we'd missed an very important feature, and this was included on the todo list. I think the guys are working very well, but I feel that I don't have any real control over what the status is. Today, I hope this will improve due to our holding a meeting on the storyboard. We go through every step and see what the status is.

Is this Scrum: not at all. It's just an experiment to see what the estimations give us.

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