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One week without estimates

So, we're one week into the sprint without any estimates. The effect is double: the ones who like the estimations feel we're out of control. "No one is working on the right stuff. We have no control".

and those who don't like the estimate feel free to be creative and finish their work: with the estimations they've felt forced to stop working with an item when the estimated time is up. "Well, it's sort of finished". And now they feel that it's their responsibility to set a task as finished when they feel it's finished. You can't hide behind an estimation that didn't include a not estimated part.

For myself, well, the control freak within is sometimes stressed: what if they spend too much time on something... And the team member feels like we're giving the responsibility to the guys. In other words: the place where it's supposed to be.

So, for now, I feel working without estimations work best. But that is this sprint, and this team constellation. And these sprint objectives. I don't say: skip the estimations, I say: try working without them and see what you're missing. That might make you think twice about how you estimate and why.

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