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The start of the agile project, nine months into the project

We are now in the ninth sprint of our agile project. Or sprint one. That depends on how you put it. Nine months ago we decided on working agile, inspired by Scrum and Agile. Read lots by Mary Poppendieck. Rearranged our room, introduced continuous integration. Scrapped MSF For Agile.
They say it takes about four months to migrate to agile. Well, that is probably true if there is not a new product, new team, new product owner, new team leader and a very unspecified objective. add to this new technology and new architecture.
In agile methodology, they sometimes talk about spikes. That is tasks that are very uncertain. Many say that agile doesn't work very well with spikes. Well, spikes can be team, product owner, architecture, technology and lots more.
Well, now we're getting there: not having all spikes during the sprints. Now, there's one spike รก sprint. Instead of one thing not being a spike. And I think we all feel that makes all the pieces fall into place. Hence, the first agile sprint. We're aiming at the same spot. We know which weapon to use, and we feel like a team. And we know when and where the battle will be held.



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