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The buzz of buzz words

Does buzz words work during the sales process? If I say that our solution implements SOA, does that make someone buy the stuff? Well, first, I believe that all buzz words that become common in a field, like SOA, becomes so widely used that it finally doesn´t mean anything or that it mean everything. Also, it treat the person not into buzz words feel like an idiot, not knowing the word.
In the other case, the buzz word is not common and then it really doesn't mean anything to the buyer. And again, he's made to look like a fool. People doesn't like feeling like fools. Treat customers with respect, avoid buzz words. And explain instead how the system/solution would work with their processes. And if they are into buzz words, they might connect the dots and think, hey, that's SOA. But then it's their choice.

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Anonymous said...

I would definitely state that it supports SOA. The problem is that SOA is an undefined definition depending on whom you are talking too.

Like you said, you need to explain what SOA means in your system and show them how they can use it.

September 14, 2007 at 1:23 AM  

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