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A cupper of coffee

Just to keep you updated, I love my Siemens S60. I love my daily coffee. I probably drink to much, but we all need our daily sins. Buying a little more expensive machine was clearly worth it and I've grown to love the cleaning program, which runs every time the machine is turned off and on. And it's turned off when kept idle for a couple of minutes.
An example of how great this is: wakes up and goes for the morning run with the dog. It's cold, it's rainy. Comes home a little bit chilled. Turns on the machine. While the machine warms up and do the cleaning business, I empty the dish washer. It takes about the same time. So, when I'm presented with a hot nice capo, I also have done the morning run and have an empty dish washer. And the dog has been out as well. Could things get better a cold autumn morning?

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