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It's raining...

I don't know if it's all the developers having a cold or if it's the new responsibility. But everyone is working like hell today. I've been documenting all day, first going through a document from sales, then writing about our time domain. Working with the time domain is entering a completely new domain and in this area, the sky's the limit. That is, it's very difficult to know which requirements we should address in the product. We've all time reported. We've all used calenders for our bookings. So I guess, everyone has ideas. So, today I tried documented some of my questions. Nine pages of text. And this is before I've talked to anyone on the subject.
But that's not very agile? A long spec. But it's not a specification, it's just a list of definitions and problems we need to address in the domain.
And it's also raining. Raining hard. Some cocoa and a hot bath at home would be really nice.

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