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I thought she was a pain in the ass. The marketing woman of my past. When I presented her with texts, she always badgered me about spelling, just using Swedish in Swedish texts. Avoiding buzz words. And using the same rules for large and small letters in product- and company names. Avoiding different form in texts. When having lists keeping the same form in the whole list.
I thought she was a pain in the ass. But now I'm the pain in the ass. It slowly developed. The love of the language. And a criticism against and user unfriendly web sites and texts. Because there are user unfriendly texts.
When I visit a web site where you immediately can see that the responsible does not have a feeling for language, I get suspicious. I sometimes donĀ“t buy a product if the web site or the brochure is filled with examples of bad language. And with bad language I don't mean swearing. I mean not paying attention to detail. I mean when you can tell that the writer hasn't read the text aloud (in their head or actually aloud) and removed all those errors you find in that process. It's about those people who don't let someone else spell check their work.
Paying attention to language is paying attention to quality.
How could I possibly trust a company selling a high tech product if they can't even produce readable text? And it's all about realizing that it's not about using the spelling features of the text editor of choice.

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