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Sprint start in the archipelago

Complements of one of the team members, we spent the day in the Stockholm archipelago. Sitting on his parents porch on this island taken from the pasts, discussing solution for mobile work order handling gave us all a nice duality feeling. Past present future.

But, away with all the fluffy words: what are our plans for the upcoming sprint? Well, we have three important objectives, so all the full time developers (being three in number) was given a special responsibility for one of the goals. With this idea we hope that someone will better track the progress of reaching the goal, rather than tracking the resource usage on the tasks. What we have seen in previous sprints is that tasks are performed but sometimes the goal is missed and we stand during the last week and don't have the stuff that ties everything together.

But now I'm wasted. Went up at six and weren't home until after eight in the evening. That is some hours to many for me. Even if those were spent in one of the most beautiful environments in Stockholm. How we're going to match that next sprint is a question for the month.



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