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The short but intense dancing career for young Pete

As you might have guessed, you Pete loves all the "guy's stuff". Machines, cars, etc. He never dances with us, or even sings. If we would start singing, he'd just yell at us. "Stop that!", he says. So, I was amazed this week when I left Pete at daycare and he fetched a pink ballet skirt and started dancing. I don't think I've ever seen him so happy. And the staff said yes, he loves dancing and singing.

Wonderful! I checked local newspapers and found a course in kids dancing, adapted to three-year-olds. So today I went for a try-out. I asked him if he wanted to dance. Yes. In the car he talked about dancing. He went into the school. In to the class room. Stopped. And started crying. He simply wouldn't do it. I had to leave. I guess I could have forced him but if he didn't want to go, what would be the point? In the car back, he just kept repeating ' I don't wanna dance', over and over.

So, we went home. I first felt saddened. Then we did what we always do: things together. It is time to pick the apples from the trees and salvage the last of the berries from the bushes. I never took Peter on those mommy/child activities, so why start now? For free, he was having a blast and he bragged to his father about his efforts.

I still won't be able to share his fascination with dancing and singing, but perhaps that is a good thing too: growing up is about having your own hobbies as well.



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