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First autumn cold

We humans are relatively large and the small bugs causing colds are really tiny in comparison, but they can change everything. I usually donĀ“t get very sick when having a cold: I've gone to work, felt bad and when coming home realizing I've had a 39C temperature. It's more like an annoyance. I feel irritated. I don't hear very well, and the fatigue. I hate the fatigue. Combining this with last week of sprint constitute the basis for a LONG week. I thought this was Thursday. (I think my scrum master is very happy it's not Thursday, though.)

So, am I freaking out. Well, no. It might be the cold, it might me not feeling so responsible. I've done my best and I hope that we'll have the things packed and ready for the sprint start. So, what is the objective of the September sprint? Oh, oh. Oh no. I don't know the objective. Guess that's a bad thing. Or just me having a cold and not remembering properly. Or it's just my scrum team business as usual.

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