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Saturday morning...

Peter's become quite the talker. From being a runner and prankster, he's more and more moving into talking. I often point that out to people: you know, he talks all the time. And that is very true: he's the kind of guy that says what he's doing, what everyone else is doing and what everyone should be doing.

A fun thing is to follow which areas means much to him. For example traffic. He always tells me to walk on the sidewalk. And car owners driving too near the same. So traffic interests him greatly. Colors are a completely different matter. Don't know if he's color blind or something, but the boy can tell construction machines apart but he can't say which color something has. We're getting nearer. But it's still a mystery. Or perhaps not. For him, it doesn't matter if the shirt is white or blue. What matters is if he's watching a dumper or something for him completely different.



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