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Returning to scrum mastering

The next four sprints, I'll be scrum master again. It been very nice to have someone else do those chores, but it's also fun to return to that task. I believe that it's important for a first-time scrum master to have a break from the post - seeing it from the outside has really made me think about some things I want to try. Focus, of course. And having fewer things on the sprint backlog to enable a slack between the sprints.
But the most important lesson learned is to relax more and not trying to make up for others not for filling their promises or taking the debate when that happens. That is the job of a boss, not a scrum master.
But today, I'm mostly fatigued. Peter chose to take up about four this morning, after me having a really bad night's sleep. The hours are starting to take their toll, and I'm really happy that little Pete has his friend Clara visiting. They really take care of me... and the dried clothes, which they are currently pulling from the clothesline. Oops, they start fighting about it. Better solve this now.

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