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Getting the right things done

I actually think we'll finish on time this sprint. Two weeks to go and the tasks completed are more than expected. Why? I think much is about everyone has worked on the right stuff - we've really focused on the sprint objectives and everyone has felt a responsibility for their share. Which has meant that no one has selected a not so important task. And when bits and pieces are starting to fall into place,the spirit goes up. And the morale goes up as well. It's like when I ran Saturday. I spotted a woman some 100 meter away. So, I decided to catch her. The first meters were easy, I was fully focused. Then it seemed like I wasn't getting any closer. I started feeling like I wouldn't make it. I guess it was only my stubborness that made me increase the speed instead of lowering it. Then, suddenly, I could see that she was really getting closer and the last meters were easy. And whenn I'd passed her, I could actually increase my speed even more.
But, of course, there are the guys and gals who during those boring middle sections when nothing seems to go in the right direction call it a quit. If you want to read about this, just buy Seth Godin's The Dip.

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