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You might as well win, or quit???

Read tonight that Team Discovery (previous Team Postal Service) has given up finding a new sponsor. The team cycling fans love to hate or love to love is no more after this season. There is also a rumor that George Hincapie, the cyclist who'd been a part of the team's all Tour de France wins are transfering to T-Mobile. For us cycling fans who watched the Lance (Postal) - Ullrich (T-Mobile) fight this is like, unbelievable. So, a night of sadness, an era has come to an end.

But it seems like Bruyneel already found a new career as a book writer, perhaps influenced by Armstrong's successes as the writer of 'It's not about the bike' and it's not so notable sequel, the former pro's written a book called 'You might as well win'. A bold statement, made by a bold man used to taking risks. And a man used to winning. I'll probably dig into the book when I get my hands on it (will probably have to order it online from an outlandish book store), but I've read the first chapter, free on the bruyneel site. Worth reading.



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