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The autumn summer

An American once told me that we swedes are strange. He'd lived here in twenty years but there were a few oddities he could never grow to understand. First of all, we keep saying how stupid we are. You Swedes know the saying: 'how stupid of me, why didn't I think of that!'. The American said: there are so many people who thinks you're stupid so why point that out? The other strange part is of course the obsession with weather. He said 'You Swedes love to punish yourselves, so since you love nice weather you've all settled in an area where it's always too hot or too cold for your own taste.' That is so true...

Well, yesterday it was really hot. This not being the warmest of summers, I became almost baffled by the heat, and I like it when it's warm. Little Peter couldn't care less. Hot, cold, damp, snowy: he finds the weather as it is and what games he can play in that weather. The problem with us adult swedes is probably that we decide up front what we're supposed to due and require from the weather to be that it suites our daily goal. And who said growing up makes your brain develop.



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