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Sprint backlog items of type Bug and Work item type Bug on Scrum dashboard /Conchango work item template

As I've discussed earlier, we're using the episerver scrum dashboard and while testing today, I've found a small issue for my team

If you haven't used the dashboard, it's based on the conchango work item template and it have a number of work item types, for example product backlog item, sprint backlog item and bug.

Product backlog item: stuff on the product backlog

Sprint backlog item: tasks to be performed during the sprint

Bug: bugs or defects

When you set the sprint on a product backlog item, this becomes visible on the scrum dashboard (the column on the left side). You can do the same with a work item of type bug: it then becomes visible on the left column)

You can then click a product backlog item or a bug and select a number of tasks: one of these being create related bug. But here is the trick: this is not a work item of type Bug, this is a sprint backlog item marked as a bug. So if you use the reports over active bugs these bugs will not show up. Why? Well, if the bugs are a result of defects during production you will probably not that those show up in release notes and should not clog up the statistics: when you look at the bug reports these are bugs in production. In other words:
* If the bug never makes it to production, it will become a sprint backlog item of type bug
* If the bug is spotted as a part of delivered functionality, it should be reported as a work item of type Bug.

Hard to understand? Well, I know my way around the work item types by now so I can understand it but how can I possibly explain this to a new acceptance tester. And how should this person be able to know if it's a Bug or a Sprint Backlog item of type Bug? Another problem is that you cannot report Work items of type Bug using the Scrum dashboard: you have to use the web access or ordinarie Windows client.

And also, if you have reported a sprint backlog item of type bug during the sprint and the problem is not addressed, you must remember to create a linked work item of type Bug.

(And don't hit me, I didn't come up with this solution)

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Anonymous Per said...

We have gone through a similar journey but have given up on trying to handle bugs differently depending on their nature, our test team now a days report all defects they find as work item type "Bug". Its simpler that way and we can import them on the dashboard the create tasks to fix them.

October 9, 2008 at 11:19 PM  
Blogger Anna Forss said...

Thanks for the advice. I just discussed thiw with my team and we're discussing some options. I'll get back to this subject

October 10, 2008 at 8:01 AM  

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