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Nothing to win and all to loose

Being a cyclist fan, I too was stunned at hearing the news that THE man, Lance Armstrong, is returning to professional cycling.

Unbelieveable. He says it's for the cancer funds he's working with. I wonder if that is enough to win. And I wonder if winning the tour an eight's time is worth taking the risk returning and loose. Being a Swede I remember Björn Borg's fatal attempt at returning to tennis. Leaving at the top was a better choice than returning to the loosers.

But what ever his end result, I look forward to watching mr Armstrong on the bike again. You might say doping, cheating, what ever. But he was a really hard working athlete who to the public never blamed anyone but himself when he failed. And being a women's lib, I can help cheering a bit more when the son of a single 16-year-old working class girl gets to be the best cyclist in the world.



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