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No wins yesterday

The small solution, the little company took the prize. Disappointed. But something to reach for next year.

Mobility seems still be a question of giving users a PDA. But how cool is that? For me, the biggest challenge is not saying: if you want to be mobile, you need a device of this size and Windows Mobile. All others can use standard Windows.

People in a mobile work force need to be able to choose the computer which fits their needs. Often, that is a PDA. But not always. And in our line of business: mobile work order handling, the need for laptops in the field is getting bigger and bigger. To be able to fix X you need some other Windows software. And that too needs to support the mobile scenario. Our users sometimes have a constant connection to the network, but sometimes they don't. And that goes for all the users. Supporting that scenario for different clients is complex, interesting and challenging.



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