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Running after rabbits

It's January 14th, and I'm already starting to wear spring clothes while running my morning runs. It is dark and wet, but it's not winter. The problem is that there are still some icy spots so most of the times I can choose between icy or getting my feet wet. So, no, this is not my favourite running weather. But I can't complain. It means less stuff in the rug sack which I use while running to work.

This morning I spotted a woman on top of the steepest hill on my morning run. A rabbit, I thought. Then NOOOO. No running after rabbits. Since I'm running on an empty stomach, I must be careful and take it slow so I don't push myself to hard: running empty on fuel is not the best way to start a morning. So, I said to myself: don't you try catching her.

But what my inside thought was a completely different story. So, I chased after her. Of course. Well, I was pretty nice and didn't linger in front of her after I'd passed. I just got moving. You might think I felt some kind of pleasure, but I was to tired to even think that. I'd moved to survival mode having 2k left to run. I thought I would die when I got to work. Well, I did not deserve something else, either. But it feels good knowing that the focus on shorter ranges has increased my speed. (well, I do something to put the blame on.)



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