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Changing the TFS template

We've already decided on using a real scrum template when we move over to TFS 2008 but since this is not due this month and we also are interested in how we could implement customization of our forms, we spent some time exploring the customization of TFS work items this Friday. Perhaps not the best way to spend a Friday night, but it was really and interesting exploration and it lead to completely new discussions concerning our processes. Parallel to the customization I wrote a quick HOWTO for our new sprint backlog and when describing it, we came to realize some unexpected changes to fields and process steps that we really want and need. And now, this is included in the actual template and team members have better support when working with the sprint backlog.

I can't say I suggest everyone going through the templates for work item types in their TFS installation, but for me it was really worth while. Now we have a process I can stand for and a process I can explain. "That's just the way it is" is no longer a plausible explanation.



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