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Running 2007

Time to do a retrospect on the year's running activities. I've run three times a week, besides from the three weeks after Stockholm Marathon, in which time I cured my knee. I didn't complete the marathon, due to a bad step, but my knee healed and I haven't been affected since then. During the autumn I've turned to running shorter distances and tried increasing speed: the longest run has been 10k:s. Not many, but I've cut five minutes from my 5k runs.
The only races I've completed are one 12k run and a 10k run, the later dressed as an oriental dancer. The latter was the funniest and I plan on turning back to the Eastern theme next Autumn, when I plan to resurrect a Spartan warrior.

I've been healthy, besides from the gall bladder problems, which hasn't hindered me from running: on the contrary: running is one of few things that help, though it's somewhat painful.

What about next year: well, running in costume is really fun and is something I'm going to keep up. 10K runs are perfect for that since it's no issue running so short distances. I'm going to keep running shorter distances (less than 20k) but should increase the distances a little bit. Running to work is really nice and of course, I'll keep that up. So, nothing fancy but lots of fun.



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