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Sick chicks

Have you heard women complaining about their men having a cold seems to think that they are the sickest in the world? Perhaps that is true, but here is a question about us chicks: Why do women feel an urgent need to call their beloved all the time when they are sick?

Ever heard something like this at work/at a dinner / at a coffee shop:

[Call and man hurries to answer phone]
Man: Hi, honey, how are you?
[LOOOOONG answer]
Man: Do you want me to come home?
[LOOOOONG answer]
Man: Ok, but call me if it gets worse.

And the sick lady do call back, not once, not twice but many times. Not that they're feeling worse, but because.... Well, I don't know why. Perhaps they feel better by disturbing us other at that dinner, at work or at that coffee shop. Perhaps they want their loved one to feel ashamed for not being there, holding their hand. I honestly don't know. I've never gotten less sick by using a phone. Not at least calling someone less than a medically trained person.

So, girls. If you cannot be sick on your own: say that to your man so he doesn't leave home. And if you want him to come home: call once and say so. And guys, when the girl's called you twice: go home and let us others be free from that phone.


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