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Why I'd love having House on my team

I have for some time tried explaining to folks at work what constitutes a good tester. That it's a mind set, and it takes a problem seeking mind, patience and a capability to express yourself. Well, the excellent blog I'm Testy gives some more insight into the issue and compares the tester to a physician. Well, I wouldn't mind having dr House of the TV series on my show. Here are some treats which makes him an excellent tester:
  • Knowledge
  • Working with a team
  • Selects which problems to focus on: interesting and life threatening problems
  • Capability to see outside the box
  • Drilling into the problem
  • Discusses open the different options and their dire consequences with the patient himself.
Well, you might say he's arrogant and evil, but that is perhaps the consequence of being a good tester.



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