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The release...

So, how did it go? Well, we weren't finished in time. And then we made the best of decisions: a feature we've been working about a third of the sprint wasn't included in the release. It wasn't tested enough. It included crash bugs. The guys worked like h*ll getting things done but when I went home on the release day, they were not finished. I had a faint illusion that I could test it when Peter had gone to bed, but I really knew that such attitude is not putting quality first. The decision was made easy when the new Resource Planning view didn't work on my computer. And then I did what I should have done a week ago: inform the Product Owner that the resource planning view would not be included in the release. After getting a late confirmation I e-mailed the team and informed them on the decision.

I really wanted the guys to exclude the view from the menu bar but the next day the guys got everything going at work they wanted to keep the menu. They didn't want to change the code so late. I agreed to this but said the resource view would not be included as a released feature but only as a visual proof of concept. As this is only an internal release this is a valid option. Now it seems like the bug is only visual using a Swedish XP Windows client.

On the demo, everyone was fine with the decision: they could see what we'd been working with but they all know that this is just POC. And this is an important lesson: fighting to include features which has not been acceptance tested or doesn't have enough quality is never a good idea. It's like putting in faulty brakes on a bike.

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