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Simply doing nothing

Being alone with the dog this weekend, I had lots to do. And yet, I did nothing. I didn't clean up the mess in the house. I didn't go exercising, except for a short morning run. I trained doing nothing. It was hard, feeling kind of worthless and derived of something. But there is a time for everything and nothing needs it time as well.
  • Well, I did meet up with an old friend. Called him up and said let's meet and within half an hour we hooked up. I did that yesterday and today. Hey, he's better at that than my dog. Showing up when I call on him, that is. I also ordered some goose and black soup for the coming sprint start. I've decided on taking home the guys for a traditional feast from Scania. Goose and black soup (made from goose blood).
  • Updating the channel list on the TV I found we have History Channel: Wow! My evenings are saved.
  • Finally, I killed my IPod. I drowned it when taking a bath. That kind of spoiled the fun with the bath. To put it mildly. And I was in the middle of a book. Fortunately, I'm using Audible's wonderful service and could download the book to my Touch instead. I love them. (And no, I don't get payed for saying that)
So, now I'm going to grab a final cup of coffee and relax in front of the tv. In two hours the husband and Peter will be back again. Everything going back to normal. Except for the IPod. I think I'm going to bury him next weekend.

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Anonymous Mikke said...

Men jag är inte lika långhårig!

October 29, 2007 at 6:03 AM  

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