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The word/title mom is quite interesting for me, being a mother of a boy of four. He uses the word in two ways. First, we have the vague "a mom" which he uses for every woman collecting their child at daycare or mothers of friends. Then we have the more passionatly used "my mom", which he uses when he talks about our special relationship. This is an honourary title he has granted my. I'm his special mommy.

Today, while reading an article on leadership, I sense the same dual use of these titles stating that someone is a bit up in an hierarchy. There are the use of the printed word on someone's business card and then it's how a person can be seen as something. The most obvious example is Leader. Look at this list, being traits of what Peter Scholtes thinks is a leader:
  1. The ability to think in terms of systems, and knowing how to lead systems.
  2. The ability to understand the variability of work in planning an problem solving
  3. Understanding how we learn, develop and improve. Leading true learning and improvement.
  4. Understanding people and why they behave as they do.
  5. Understanding the interdependence and interaction between systems, variation, learning and human behavior. Knowing how each affects the other.
  6. Giving visions, meaning, direction and focus to the organization.
Isn't this good traits for a mommy too? Or a daddy?



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