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I didn't know it would be that hard...

Following my son the 300 m track (he was running a race for kids that afternoon) in my costume, I realised that it would be much harder than I'd anticipated. The belt made it hard to breath and the cloak made me back heavy. So, I had four hours to let it sink in: this was going to be tough.

The first 4k was fun, besides me becoming thirsty and increasingly warm: I had to have a thin cotton costume under the armour, since it would give me a serious rash otherwise. And this was a rather warm evening.

Soon after, my short breaths due to the leather belt made my tummy muscles started feeling sore. And I had all the hills in front of me.

Finally, it was all about enduring the pain. The large crowd made it possible: a Swedish movie about a templar knight made me an easily spotted figure so there were lots of cheering. And is what the costume class of the race is all about.

The final 2k, I could hardly breath and I was very hot and then, of course, a reported pulled out a microphone and stuck a camera in my face. I don't quite remember what I said, but they probably cut that part since they probably thought I was drunk or something.

But then it was over, and yes, I will do it again. Not as a knight, but as something else. And perhaps some of my friends has the nerve to make the run wearing a costume as well. I kind of like the multi person customes.



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