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Something I haven't done in a really long time...

Today having to pick up the car from service on a site about 20k from our house, I decided to take the bike. I haven't actually taken the bike where I was going and I haven't taken my bike so far before.

My bike is a Brompton foldable bike and when I was a biking girl last, I used a better hybrid with twenty something gears. But being myself and I, I didn't realise that this could cause a problem before I left my son at daycare and mentioned where I was going (having a foldable bike is one of the best ways to start a conversation) and the woman at daycare started asking if I could really take the bike that far and she wondered which way I was going to ride.

Well, I guessed it wouldn't be a problem. And of course there was non. Well, of course I had to turn back once or twice when I couldn't take the bike on the highway or when the signs didn't show the proper path. But riding 20k in september sun on a 3 gear bike shouldn't cause a problem for a healthy gal under 40. And it was kind of fun going places so near from where I live and being almost a bit lost. Not knowing if you would have to turn back. And the disappointment when the ride was over in just over one hour. I was just getting started but now I was out of excuses for being out in the sun.



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